The Real Enemy Is Not Your Competitor

Wherever you live, whatever you do for a living, you will always have some enemies. Some of  them make difficult for you to sleep well. Some others over stress you while you are working on your goals. They make your life harder and more complicate than it is already.

You have to counterattack the actions and the strategies of your enemies. You have to anticipate their actions and find quickly what to do before they act upon their plan.

You have to consider the news and everything relevant happening in your field or market. Everyday something could completely change and destroy your plans or what you have done till now.

Another enemy could be a completely new product, service or a brand new company which offers a great advantage to your customers.

We live in a competitive world so we need to think and act strategically. We need to set clear goals and define the best plan of action. At the same time we have to be flexible about the path to follow and the actions to do in order to achieve our goals.

You will always have competitors around you ready to take advantage of your market, of your ideas, of your new strategies and finally of your customers. But this is nothing in comparison with the real enemy.

The real enemy is not your smartest competitor. It’s not the new product or service. It’s not the better customer service, the higher value or the lower price. These are all important things to consider and a mistake on anyone of those can be fatal.

Which is your real enemy? Take a moment and think carefully about it. What could be the strongest enemy you can face?

Have you found the answer?

I had to make several researches to find what I am sharing with you now. Infact I have found two big enemies. The first one is the fear of failure. The second one is the fear of success.

Isn’t it amazing that the vast majority of people around the world avoid doing what is necessary to succeed? They decide to remain within their comfort zone preventing them from reaching their goals.

What is worst is that the same people did not recognize these fears and keep complaining and criticizing the economical crisis, their competitors and pretend their failure is because of the outside instead of the inside.

What could happen if you would be sure to beat your fear of failure or your fear of success forever?

What if you could avoid to focus your energy on your external competitors and focus only on resolving your fear of failure or your fear of success?

From my experience this is what happens to those who decide to overcome these two fears forever:

  • They act with double or triple energy
  • They act twice or three times more quickly and efficiently
  • They plan and they strictly follow their plan being flexible when necessary
  • They become practical, goal, action and solution oriented
  • They do whatever there is to be done, keeping their fear at bay
  • They do not take a “no” as a no. They go ahead and find another way to achieve what they want

What distinguishes these people the most is that instead of focusing on their competitors, they focus on their customers. They focalize on making them happy and more satisfied. They focus on how to make their customer proud to use their products or services and, at the same time, on how to be even more proud to offer these products or services to their customers.

Make the commitment today to overcome your fear of failure or your fear of success. Act upon this commitment. Face your fear and act anyway. Keep on doing this, and you will soon see a new you. You will become a better person. You will become more satisfied.

In a matter of months you will become addicted to do more, to achieve more, to serve more customers offering them a better service. The reward will come as a natural consequence of the defeat of your fear of failure or of your fear of success. Make it a try and you will be amazed by the great rewards.

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