Six great things you learn from setbacks and mistakes

“How you handle difficult situations in life says a lot about who we are”.

Donald J. Trump

As a matter of fact we each perceive world in which we live uniquely and subjectively. We see things differently. We have our own attitudes, beliefs and values, which together make up our mindset.

How we view and perceive difficult situations has a strong impact in how we deal with adversity. Some bad news or events can inhibit or block one person, but the same news or events make another person even more courageous and tenacious. 

So here the six great things is better you learn quickly from setbacks and mistakes:

1.   When you face a setback or a mistake remember that how you deal with it is completely up to you. The best thing to do is ask yourself the following questions and keep your focus on the right answer.

The questions are:

  • How can I solve this setback or mistake?
  • What can I learn from this setback or mistake?
  • What kind of chance or opportunity is behind this setback or mistake if there is one?

There is an old saying “when one door closes, another door opens”, which means there is another chance. But if you are focused only in the bad consequences you could stand in front of an open door and not even realizing it.

2.   When you face a setback or a mistake, never allow yourself to loose focus so that you can still be proactive and thus keep your momentum. In fact, sometimes your problem can be temporary, if you keep your momentum moving few steps forward.

All the top performers experience difficulties even bigger than the average people, but they managed to change them in opportunities when they remained positive and moved on.

3.   Learn to expect problems and make great plans in advance so that you know what to do in case they will appear. By doing so you will feel less discomfort when facing a problem. Moreover, knowing what is best to do will give you much more energy, confidence, power and determination to overcome the problem.

4.   Learn everything you can from your previous experiences and mistakes in order to avoid to make them again.

5.   Learn when it is better to quit and when it is better to keep moving forward. Sometimes the wisest and best thing you can do is to quit. I do not mean you have to develop a give up attitude. In fact, is just the opposite. Your personal own motto has to be “I never give up”. At the same time, you should avoid insisting in doing something wrong, or something when you have 100% chance to fail. Use your discernment to understand the difference between a certain failure and a good chance to win.

6.   Do not be afraid of setbacks or mistakes. In fact, the more you will face your setbacks or mistakes with a positive attitude and the right determination to overcome them, the more you will overcome your fears. Like that ,one day, you fears and worries will just loose most of their power.

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